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    By turning up the notch on the “Caramel” flavor with our truffles, we discovered a wonderful Oak Smoked Sea Salt to add to our already yummy Caramel. When you bite into our truffle, you get the sweet Caramel flavor but that added touch is the Sea Salt and it really makes you smile. Your choice of white or milk chocolate.


    We are true fans of the lavender for the unique flavor and aroma that this little jewel gives. What better way to spread the flavor than to put organic culinary lavender steeped with our rich cream and then add this flavor to the rich Belgian White Chocolate. What a unique gift for yourself and of course for friends as well. Available only in White Chocolate.


    Imagine picking the freshest, juiciest raspberries and slowly simmering them I to a totally sweet puree and adding to that the sweetest cream and cherry flavoring. That is what you taste with our delicious Raspberry Truffles, they are a treat all their own, especially as a gift for yourself or a friend. Available only in bittersweet.


    When we paired the unique flavor of the Tempranillo grape and the bittersweet goodness, we knew this was a Truffle made for the true die hard chocolate lover. Our rich cream and wine flavorings are a bittersweet joy to behold. Available only in bittersweet.


    What more could you ask for than the unique tangy flavor of juicy diced apricots and rich cream with a hint of apricot brandy? Your taste buds will smile with our White Chocolate from Belgian. Your gift will always be remembered. Available only in white chocolate.


    The bittersweet and smoothness of the award winning Texas Viognier flavor truly comes thru from our secret way of incorporating the smooth taste of wine blended with our Belgian chocolate. This is truly one of my favorites year round.


    Our new menu of organic smoked sea salts from Washington will definitely surprise you with a spicy heat after taste. We love incorporating some of our fruit, nut and sea salts with our bittersweet chocolates.


    If you are a fan of pecans and add the praline sweetness to an already decadent chocolate truffle, then you are in pecan heaven. We roast our pecan’s to seal in the flavor and add to that the pure cream and amoretto flavoring to really finish off a yummy and creamy treat. Your choices are bittersweet or milk chocolate.


    When we came up with a delicious bing cherry ganache and added our other favorite flavors of jalapeno and chili, we felt twice blessed and excitedly spicy in the end. The sweet and spicy flavors plus the thrill of bittersweet chocolate will please everyone on your list including yourself.


    Our cranberries will give your taste buds a real treat with the sweet and tart zing of lemongrass and the extra feel of delicious cream and milk chocolate. With the added flavoring of almonds it is truly invigorating.


    Along with their whiskey, Rebecca Creek Distillery makes Enchanted Rock Vodka! And we use it to make a superb vodka truffle like nothing you’ve ever tried before. The soft bite of the vodka is tempered by the rich sweetness of the Belgian bittersweet chocolate. You just have to try it to believe it!


    Texas is very proud of the “born and made in Texas” distilled whiskey by Rebecca Creek Distillery. The aroma this gives our bittersweet chocolate is out of this world and truly a favorite at Cathy’s Fine Chocolate and the hill country wineries.


    We have to admit the smooth,sweet,cherry flavors that come thru with the Port Wine that we incorporate into this bittersweet chocolate are true nirvana!

    We are constantly “thinking outside the box” for our truffle flavors. There are so many unique spices, nut combinations, and fruits to work with that our menu is constantly changing. For example, this summer we feature Dark Berry, Texas Peach and Dark Plum truffles. And we also have Texas Pecan Rum, Boerne Basic (bittersweet chocolate and nothing else!), Texas Pepper Sea Salt and Raspberry Chipotle Sea Salt

Call Cathy at 210-383-2923 to order your truffle selection!

  • Other Treats & Sweets


      Our most popular snack mix includes the sea salt and sweet taste of cinnamon but then it packs a surprising hot spice of the famous Ghost Pepper all in one little bite. We only use Texas Pecans from the farms in San Saba,TX and almonds from where ever we can get them. And our “healthy oatmeal squares” are perfect for that fantastic crunch with every bite. We sell this item in several sizes for your added enjoyment!


      Our original recipe was updated with the addition of Ghost Pepper but not everyone is a fan of “heat” in their crunch. So back to the original recipe for this one, “sweet without heat”. We use Texas Pecans or almonds and oatmeal squares..and no we do not use “the other cereals” due to the density of the oat squares. We also sell this item in several sizes for your added enjoyment!


      We have searched for years to find the best Texas Fudge and we are still searching! Our last provider just didn’t work out so we are back looking again!


      If you can imagine a spice,nut,fruit or seasoning that you would like in your chocolate pieces, just give me a call and IF possible I will incorporate it into your chocolate. We use a professional grade of Belgian chocolate in bittersweet, extra dark, milk, white. We offer different sizes , even our Texas molds are popular in the small cube sizes. Just give us a call on any of our menus, we are always thinking outside the box and unique for you and your family, group meeting, catering event.


      Our cherries will give your taste buds a real treat with the sweet and tart zing and the extra feel of delicious cream and chocolate. With the added flavoring of almonds it is truly invigorating. Your choices are bittersweet, and white chocolate.


      Our other favorite chocolate dipped cookie. We dip our cookies in our bittersweet, milk or white Belgian chocolate. Mmmm, delicious!